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Handsome blond hairy legged Dad.  Even before I saw the *massive* uncut cock swinging between his legs, this guy had my heart pumping faster.  He’s beautiful in the kind of strong masculine way that doesn’t require leather dress up and butch drag.  You can tell this is a man’s man right off the bat (and speaking of bats - look at that beautiful cock on him).  I bet he knows how to use that pleasure pole and can hit every single hot button in my body…

"Call me, Poppa Bear…"

[PS: Does anyone know who this stallion of a man is?]

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Damnnnn is such a hot blog! A really hot dad/son fuck, sadly quite short but you get all the good bits. The son is sooooo cute!!! Totally my type and has a really hot ass that gets bred in exactly the way I like fuckkk

Lito Cruz fucking some lucky (sexy) cubhole… great stuff.
Anyone know where this video is from?

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